Our Brands

Soar to new heights with Hangar 420 as we’re on a mission to elevate your cannabis experience in Rhode Island. With a fleet of top-tier brands like Speakeasy Gummies, Newport Edibles, and Hangar First Class, we’re charting a course to quality, innovation, and flavor that ascends above the ordinary.

Indulge in the premium touch of Hangar 420’s Cannabis Flower and Pre-Rolls, where quality and refinement take flight. Each bud is a journey to a world where only the finest, meticulously cultivated cannabis resides, offering an elevated experience that’s simply unmatched.

Step into the world of Speakeasy Gummies, where the essence of classic bar drinks is captured in delightful, chewy treats. Every bite takes you on a flavorful journey, echoing the timeless allure of cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Mimosa, and Lime Margarita, but with a cannabis twist that’s smooth, subtle, and perfectly balanced.

Experience the allure of Newport with our exclusive Newport Edibles, gummies that embody the vibrant, coastal vibes of Rhode Island’s iconic city. Every piece is a taste of the good life, delivering the most delectable flavors and premium cannabis that make us the unrivaled choice for the best tasting edibles in the state.

Embark on a soulful journey with Willie’s Reserve, a tribute to the legendary Willie Nelson, cultivated with care by Hangar 420 in the heart of Rhode Island. Each strain is a melody of exquisite flavors and unmatched quality, offering a cannabis experience that harmonizes Willie’s iconic legacy with the enriched soils of our coastal state.

Take off with TF Greens – “The Fire Greens,” your passport to a world where elegance meets potency. Inspired by Rhode Island’s own TF Green Airport, each pack delivers five premium .5 gram pre-rolls, skillfully crafted from the finest flower. Get ready for a smooth and unforgettable flight through the pinnacle of cannabis luxury.

Drift into a serene, restful evening with “Lights Out” gummies, your ultimate companion for a peaceful night’s sleep. Infused with premium cannabis and natural ingredients, each gummy is designed to calm the mind and body, escorting you gently to a world where dreams and reality converge, and restful slumbers await.