Elevating cannabis.

We believe in the incredible healing power of marijuana and want to share it with you. Discover how Hangar 420 is bringing premium and rare cannabis products to Rhode Island.


To create, procure, research, develop, and deliver the best cannabis for patients and clients.



Based in Warwick, Rhode Island, Hangar 420 is a leading next-generation cannabis producer and distributor. Bolstered by an award-winning team, Hangar 420 aims to provide premium cannabis products.

Our Process

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STRAINS Showcase

Do Si Sherbert

This Indica dominant hybrid strain is a cross between 2 Scoops (Grape Sherbet x Orange Sherbet) and Dosido. The strain’s terp profile is a melody of grape and citrus finishing into a dense super frosty bud. The hybrid can offer relief to the body’s physical ailments while also relaxing a tireless mind. Tasting like fruit snacks and also having a high potency makes this hybrid an all-around banger to add to your stock.


This Sativa dominant strain consisting of a cross between Chem Dawg x I-95 x Mandarin Cookies making this a unique hybrid. This strain has a potent earthy, citrus taste followed by a smooth smoky aftertaste. This strain has been known to manage symptoms of stress, depression and fatigue while adding a euphoric uplifting sensation. Flowering plants have stocky, tight buds similar to its Chem Dawg parent. They are super frosty, making the flower look as good as it tastes.


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